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Phone Table Articles


1. Pilu at Freshwater

'what Follows Is A Story That Will Surely Be Told Up And Down The Coast For Generations To Come'

AT THE all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, Neil staggers to his feet. He's taking a swing at a fourth serve of the mystery lamb. A hush falls over the crowd. He looks weak as he rises from the table, the plate unsteady in his hand. It has been a heroic innings.

Pad Thai, $9.90

If you're looking to be well fed and out of a joint in 20 minutes, try no-fuss Asian Noodle Fitzroy. Barely three minutes after placing my order, a plate of steaming pad Thai was put in front of me at my little table by the window. The rice noodles more

Campaign Shifts As Turnbull Picks Up A Hotline To The Future

MALCOLM Turnbull sits in his Bondi Junction office surrounded by the detritus of a furious election campaign, his phone hot in his hand as he tries to persuade Liberal Party colleagues that he is their future.

Turnbull First At The Gate For The Leadership

AS MALCOLM TURNBULL celebrated his own sweet victory with his exhausted Wentworth campaign team last night, also on the table were his plans to take the Liberal Party leadership - a move that would represent a break from the Howard-Costello battles of the past.